TSUKIM 30 ML Water free lifting & anti-puffiness balm

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment – Lifting & Toning Balm: 30ml


TSUKIM 30 ML Water free lifting & anti-puffiness balm


Unique preparation with lifting, hydrating and vein-toning properties. Minimizes formation of wrinkles, as well as skin bags under the eyes. Contains a natural sunscreen of 13, which is naturally present in the Shea butter.

Ingredients: shea butter (butyrospermum parkii), buxus chinensis, beeswax, artemisia absinthium extract*, helichrysum italicum extract*, lavandula angustifolia, hypericum perforatum extract*, geranium maculatum extract,  cupressus sempervirens extract

Usage Suggestions

Always take a small amount and melt between fingers. In the morning, apply a small amount, on the face and the neck.

In  the evening, may be applied following the MESHI serum, in small quantities on required skin parts, including areas under the eyes (do not start treatment around eyes before one week of application on other parts of the face).

For eye contour, apply AGAM serum first, the TSUKIM balm, twice a day

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