Agam - Eye Serum

239.00 179.00

Agam - Eye Serum

239.00 179.00


General Description:

The perfect serum for eyes and lips. An especially rich velvety texture. Can be used all over facial skin, creating glowing, smooth skin. The AGAM serum moisturizes enhances skin elasticity and youthful appearance. It also stimulates the skin’s blood circulation and as a result, the wrinkles, puffiness and excessive pigmentation are minimized.

Contains minerals and vitamins A, C& E for skin firming; unique ingredients for delicate areas; antioxidants; elastin and collagen enhancers; unsaturated fatty acids (omega 3,6,9).

The AGAM Serum improves the functioning of the skin’s fatty barrier, thereby enhancing moisture balance of the eye outline.


rose hip, hemp oil, cucumber seed oil, passion fruit seed oil, clary sage seed oil, red palm oil, green tea extract and essential oils of Rosewood and Everlasting.

Usage instructions:

Morning and evening, on clean skin, apply a little amount and absorb the serum with the fingertips around the eye and lips.

It is strongly recommended to follow such treatment with the application of the KARMEL anti-aging cream.

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