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All herbal and mineral beauty
and well being solutions

The Judean Desert is situated between the Judean Hills, with an elevation of up to 1000 m above sea level and a rainy, Mediterranean climate, and the Dead Sea, which is the lowest place on earth — more than 400 m below sea level, with constantly warm and dry conditions. 

These two climatic extremes are separated by a narrow strip, ca. 30kms (14 miles) wide, which includes the Judean Desert.  This creates a rare encounter between two herbal populations, and a strong climatic gradient, resulting in high stress levels in plants.  

Factory Herbs Of Kedem

Herbs of Kedem has been studying, cultivating organically, and preparing extracts from rare Dead Sea region plants, since 1996.

We have been making all natural beauty and health products from them, without any synthetic ingredients

 You are welcome to visit us, north of Arad, Israel

Product Categories​​

Adolescents/ Rosacea prone skin

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